Hope is a Nigerian

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What can you see in the coat of arm?
A poem to the Nigerians who never sleeps but believe in hope


I pledge to Nigeria my country to be faithful loyal and honest, to serve Nigeria with all my strength to defend our unity and uphold our honour and glory so help me God
So help me God it's been 62 years of democratic slavery, demography studies have shown Nigerians as Eccedentesiast, to be power rangers, avengers of suffering and smiling, e go be better, Nigeria would be better
So help me God the parliament serving us premium hell fire under this firmament,
So help me God I wonder if this was truly the reward for the labour of our heroes past
So help me God my countryman can't seem to be much happier with this paradox of a nation, this oxoymoron of palava and Wahala enjoyment and jolly jolly , the irony of how we combine these 2 well and stay aloof is proof that my brotherman is strong
we continue to subscribe to their berekete bundle of lies after 8 years
But we smile, we move, we pray, we fast and chant,we self-affirm that our nation shall be great,
We are the comedians who tell good jokes out of the life misery
dey play dey pray the motto of an average Nigeria
we dey make hay before the Nigerian sun even shines not waiting for it to set cause the best of Nigerian light hasn’t risen
A nation where they give up us deceptive candidates, steal our mandate, and borrow us 2 cups of rice but we rise above this hardship and recreate our own mandate, pave our own way for success.

Oh my country is a tragicomedy
my country where the government are African version of grand theft auto
My country a land flowing with milk and honey
My country a caricature of a falling status
My country with free education scheme but we still see children roaming the street
My country a facade class of equality
My country filled with power mongers, money looters
My country where the middle class are middlemen to mediocrity and the elite eat up the little resource for the masses
My country where the rich get richer and the poor is gonna be poorer
My country where Poverty and sickness eat up our future leaders, innovative idea from the poor is tagged a daydream for person wey no get money or connection no fit get idea
Conflict and corruption slowing down our growth
My country
This coat of arms isn't arming for the only thing aligning is the faith we share as patriotic citizen
Our white horses are leaving the country
Red eagles are now ducks in the swan, cause leaders don't want to give us the power; they chop off our wings so we can’t fly, can't say nay, but nay ! we never say never

For we have a mental picture that gives us the drive to keep pushing, a dream that would our reality
So We will take leverage of mobile technology and harness the internet.
For no white magic is gonna suck dry our intellect.
We know Black is gold, black is powerful, black shines the brightest
So we shine, we win, we grow and we soar

Reigniting the entrepreneurship spirit.
The creative creators, Inventors are constantly awake taking leverage of the power of these technologies to establish new enterprises, connect globally, and drive economic growth.
Even when Phcn no stable we know there is a light in us, strong enough to create the right energy.
No longer would we walk in this sold-out darkness
No longer would we be held down by impossibilities that our government has failed us
No longer will Nigeria struggle or complain
In our dream we believe
We will politically reform and economically interchange the narrative and a revolutionary era will arise
No subjection to abuse
Job opportunities that no valuable seed of Nigeria would toil in another man's land in the dirt, no man will run away from his father's land seeking greener pasture
The pasture in Nigeria is green bringing good fruits to heal the mind, soul, body, and spirit.

For in my dreams, I can see a Nigeria where love and peace will exist, a Nigeria where everyone can live happily and our dreams can be realized.

The gong of hope is beating
My Nigerians Ever ready to dance in the rain, throw a feast when Falgon hit triumph on the pitch, how come we ditch our tribalistic differences
it's the gong of hope calling

We rise to this call that Nigeria is the giant of Africa so we rebuild this coat of arms creating a fertile ground, rebuilding our black shield, holding on to knowledge redesigning the colorful wreath Nigeria will prosper
Dignity of the white horses shall be restored for the super eagles in us shall “ Arise, o compatriot, Nigerians call and obey”

History would never be forgotten
For Hope is a Nigerian
I repeat for hope is a Nigerian

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