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A poem of distress and hope.


In this part of the world security is questioned
We cannot help but cower in fear
So we go to bed with Ruler
Just to measure how long we slept

When awake what do we take to break the fast
Our National Cake is hidden under the rock
Stomach infrastructure is still under construction by Economic Chichidodos

The powers that be hang up on our calls
With their promises left on voicemail
Maybe we should try calling the _other room_ for answers

Their corrupt prescription
Gives relief of a second
With too many side effects

In the hands of People Who Deceive People
In the midst of an Associate of Past Criminals
None seems to be Faithful Loyal and Honest
After all to serve Nigeria is not by force

Crocodile Tears & Phyton Dance
Works against all breaking free
Everything is forming Activity in the Vicinity
With Productivity
The street is full of Skolombo
Drink in Ogogoro
Chiboke girls turned Slay Queens
Cute boys turned Bob Risky
So freaky
Our brother Baby Papas
Our fathers Sugar Daddy
Mummy why?

We are told Education is the key
But the government has changed the padlock
We are surrounded by Poor Graduates
And Rich Criminals

For some of us it is still dream
This Dream is no Beautiful Nightmare
The Nightmare is haunting
Haunting the life of this generation
This Generation cannot let
The Labours of our heros past be in vain
But In Vain do we watch if the LORD Watches not

See Not by Power
Not by Might
Mighty is he who watches over us
Over the Masses
Over the Poor
Over those with godfathers
And Oga at the top
Over those who do not know somebody
That knows somebody
That knows somebody

They said Ojukwu's manhood lives on
Yet they are still sharing blood
Just to get to those who
Would to get to those who
Would rather kill themselves than commit suicide

The atmosphere is bomb blasted
We have been gas lighted
Humans are mistaken for cows
So they die in their stead
Herdsmen deserve accolades right?
Everyday we hear condolence speeches
Pls turn off the TV
Let me hear myself think
I wish they all travel abroad
And rest in peace

A country Transmission Commission Omission
Confusion opor
Misplaced priorities their watchword
They cannot even make A Down Payment For A Roasted Corn
Diaris God ooo
We deserve A Town Hall Different from Bala Blu

The question is...
When will the beautiful ones be born
We no longer want
Leader who are
Interested in the next ELECTION
We want leaders in the next GENERATION

Politicking on our Security
Skyrocketing lack of job Opportunity
Intensify the level of Poverty &
Buharifying our Economy

Inspite of the difficulties & frustrations of the moment...
Nigeria will be great again
There is still hope
For what our God Cannot Do Does Not Exist


nice baby💜


👌🏾 timely piece. Great job

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