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This brought tears to my eyes and freshen my widowhood experience that never dies anyway.

Hmm! No one wishes or prays to be a widow, but what can widows do to the status she couldn't change in a 'School of Life' she isn't prepared to attend?

Oh, how I wish the inlaws, traitors, and unfriendly friends have empathy towards widows and take a moment to think "that could be me, my sister or daughter". Feel the grief that comes with losing someone dear perhaps they will understand widows need support and space to grief without all the family dramas of who comes to take what or questions of where are where the deceased have lands they can assume ownership.

YES! The time is now for every widows voice to be heard. It is time for people to stop those inhumane custom, that oft leave infuriating PTSD, against Widows.

So, please when you see someone or group of people humiliating widows, like Amoke in Gemini's resonating ode, don't recline on the fence, SPEAK UP and TAKE ACTION! There are so many people like me waiting to hear your astounding voice. We want to stand by, stand for and fight for you.

Now is the time to end injustice against widows!

A sage once asserted, "injustice somewhere equals injustice everywhere".

Folashade Johnson,
Hope Soars Foundation for Widows.


great poetry piece


This is art...not easy....🙌



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