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This is an inspirational poem that encourages you to appreciate life, to be fully at ease, live in the moment and celebrate the now. It urges you to be totally involved in your experience of life and pour your unique essence in all that you do.


If all I have is a gentle rain
I'll let it wash away my pain
Each droplet falling from above
A cleansing balm, a symbol of love.

If all I have is a breath of air
I'll Inhale life's wonders, everywhere
With every exhale, I'll release the old
Welcome the new, as stories unfold.

If all I have are stars at night
I'll find peace in it's vastness, shinning bright
I'll gaze at constellations, with excitement in my eyes
Discovering galaxies, where hope never dies.

If all I have is the morning sun
I will rise, a new day has begun
A golden glow painted in the sky
A celestial spark, as darkness bids goodbye.

If all I have is the moon's beam
I will let my imagination unfold,
Where possibilites gleam
A lullaby of peace, in the midnight hush
Caressing hearts, in a tender crush.

If all I have is a humble smile
I'll share it's radiance, mile after mile
With kindness blooming, like flowers in spring
It will brighten life, a gift I will bring.

If all I have is a warm embrace
I'll hold it tenderly, in solace & grace
With arms open wide, I'll offer support
Nurturing souls, a comforting port.

If all I have is a beating heart
Then let love be my infinite art
A river of compassion, a wellspring of grace
To heal the world & embrace every trace.

If all I have is a moment's pause
I'll find stillness within, no need for applause
In silence I will discover peace
And let it's tranquility grant me release.

If all I have is a pen & paper
Then let my words be an incandescent vapour
Let it ignite a passionate lyrical rage
Where ink becomes fire on a page.

If all I have is the power of words
Then let my words crash upon the shores
Let it be a vibrant stream
Flowing through life's obstacles breathing life into dreams.

If all I have is a single word
Then let it echo, like a singing bird
With languages power, I'll paint my future
Creating symphonies, from silent pictures.

If all I have is a single verse
Then let it sing, with words diverse
Through poetry's rhythm, I'll find my voice Expressing emotions, making hearts rejoice.

If all I have are scares on my skin
Then let them be badges of strength & repair
A testament of resilience, a story to be told
To rise above ashes, to find my own gold.

If all I have is this present breath
Then let my words conquer death
A reminder that every second is divine
To cherish the moment for they are truly mine.

If all I have is this precious chance
To dance through life's eternal dance
To paint the world with colours bright
And fill each day with lives pure light

Then let me be the poet of my own story
Creating magic, spreading joy & glory
Let me take a solemn vow, to be a beacon of light
Guilding others towards their own inner light

If all I hv is this moment, my friend
The Let's make it count, till the very end.
For in our hearts the power resides
To change the world, with love as our guide.

If all I have is the chance to be.
I want to seize the day.



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