Published 8 months ago in Social Issues

Baba's Ocean Ritual

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Djamel; a teenage boy in an island country, cries for help.


Last night, Baba sacrificed my sister's pigeon...
And the whole family was heartbroken

Usually, we'll sing and dance in the moonlight
But this night, not a single word was spoken

But my father is not cruel
No! Baba is not a monster
His very happy face turned sour when irregular rain closed his farm like an oyster

We were once very Prosperous
On our island nation; Mauritius
Now Baba thinks that we are cursed
...because the Ocean is vexed with us

So every week, my Father spends all he has on a pigeon, hoping it'll put the gods at ease
He hopes they'll have mercy on us, and lift this bad curse,
so the rising tides of the ocean will cease

But I learnt in school, that we shouldn't blame the ocean
This is not a curse from any god
We are just collateral damage, being sacrificed for the profit of industries across the world

Because everyday, more CEO's
Continue to chase Zeros
They kill wildlife, and they burn forests
To fill the endless pit in their pockets

They flare bad gas and we say nothing
As the earth slowly becomes our coffin
Those in power close their eyes
As the innocent pay the price

So Baba killed my sister's pigeon, and it breaks us all to her in pain
Now I ask you my listener, how will you explain to my sister, that she lost her dear pigeon in vain.

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