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Only believe~ BYD

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Chase your dreams! Believe it, behave it and become it!


Be Kind MAN
Be your kind of MAN

You're one of a kind
And there's none of you kind amongst MANkind
Even a thorough search on google engine
Will never find your Kind MAN
Cos' you are U-nique MAN

I'm a MAN
Straight MAN, thinking straight MAN
Even though I am huMAN,
I am not You, MAN!
We are different
We are Unique Man
But sometimes I chose to be Super huMAN
Like Super MAN, Spider MAN, Bat MAN, Iron MAN, Ant MAN
Call me a super hero, MAN

Truth is every MAN can become a super hero
White or Black
Blonde or Negro
Greatness is a Choice you know...

Be you
Be Unique, MAN
Be-You-tiful just the way you are,
Never try to be like another
Don't envy your brother
Don't bother copying my Method-MAN
Else your eyes will see Red-MAN

Every MAN is a celebrity
Every MAN with a unique identity
Every MAN will have his day
Every MAN will rock the stage
Like Yellow-MAN, Bennie-MAN, George ForeMAN,
Cassius ClayMAN, MohatMAN Ghandi,
MANdela, D.M.X-MAN including You MAN
Cos you are next MAN

Life is Music
Find your own Rhythm & Blues and dance along
Even if the rhythm is slow so that your Hip can't Hop
Like you Hop to Pop or Hip-Pop
Keep up, don't stop
Keep dancing
Keep advancing
Whatever you do,
Keep moving forward
Dance like you've been Jazzed with some Voodoo or Juju
Never mind if it is boring like Country Music
Or Predictable like Reggae Music
Maintain your own style
And Fine tune it even
Never forget, no matter how many times you fine tune it,
Fuji Music will never become High-life
Cos Photocopy is Hard-life
So Fellers!
Celebrate your own style
Cos' your style rocks
Your style works
Just be you, MAN
Be YOU-nique, MAN


Something to play over and over 😎

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