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Death, Oh! Death. ----_part_1

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Written and presented by Oba Cobbash...... I decided to put out my *lyrics* this time.....


How lovely it is to hear my breath.
It feels so sweet, to hold on to it, have you not thought of going through any length?
Let's do some self reflection.
The most common kind of 'oh, I didn't loose my breath finally' is C.P. resuscitation.
Now, let's move to what interests me about Death. Oh! Death.

There is no hidden presence.
It chooses, it doesn't respect.
It has no regard, it even separates. Death, Oh! Death.

After your action,
Every living things acquainted, owes the deceased, a standing ovation.
That is the respect you didn't choose to give or the golden silence, how cheap!
Then a sigh of relief, some hive.
I worry about how it is so cheap to honour the dead.
Some dedication,maybe flowers,tiled floors or golden gates.
Huhmmmm huhm
Then I worry about how I wish I took better pictures, fought for the deceased better or paid attention to some dates.
You see what you have caused, Oh! Death.

These hypocrites sits and gossipmongers relives the moment where she was a queen, the moment where he was a king.
You give them reasons to wish, compare and talk.
These are people whose mouth should be painted with a chalk.
I mean, why not? At the entrance,telling others to maintain decorum.
They know their presence is not welcomed in this forum.
You give them the audacity,
And I am so angry that it's become a time of pity.
Death,oh! Death.

You are too powerful, Yes! I give you that,
But you are too timid, you show no signs that when we read it in the news, sometimes that is when you become a fact.
What's with that commotion you cause before you take action?
Why do you make a fuss when it will only end in a cross,
We are to bear all our lives like we are connected to a remote that one could only pause.

I hear it and I know it. When there is life, there is hope.
Ah ah ah ah see what you have caused, now there is no more hope. It just ends.
The hopeful has become hopeless.
The thoughtful has become thoughtless.
The one full of blame has become blameless.
The one who deserves to be praised will never get any of her praises.
See Death!, I respect you operate without calling one to a conference hall.
But I am not ready to entertain you for a long time, do not give me an awe.

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