Bref Double: Poems Suffice

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Many a time, all the words in your language and in another aren't enough to express how deeply hurt you are after having given everything you had in innocence albeit flaws.
But then, one who know the truth dwells in heavens.

And indeed, I charge thou not be dismayed, keep be you and not for once should be somebody else even if the world says or wants otherwise.


A Bref Double Poem

Titles: Poems Suffice

Tranquil is the wind as known
Such beauty can be the darkness
Stories, lines, poems suffice
My laughter is now eschewed
Burdened, I scatter abroad.
An abyss yearning for love
He straightens my crooked path
Of love, lies, pain: Smiles are renewed
Tales unseen once told arise
Thou wasn't the best of kins
Of pals, buddies , friends, I see
The truth is of course in deeds
Of a story told in soul
Silence is the key he cries

Samuel Hope Uchechukwu

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