Na wetin?

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"Who poetry EPP?"
You dey ask me this kind question, for ya mind I turn joke.
No worries, you ask because there's a mask:
that na why I don garnish poetic lines for your consumption.


Guy, wetin?
contri hard na why I turn joke for your face.
So tey you begin use that degrading phrase
you say, "who poetry epp?"

Walahi, that joke dey dry.
E be like poetry with no punchline.
Like music with dead rhymes.

I fo face front,
pretend as if your question na comic stunt
but, since you don ask
make I help you tear you off the mask.

Poetry na Solutionist.
A beautiful blend of beauty, brain, and boldness not a terrorist.
Creatively crafted as an awesome frame for creativity.

She be human being;
everything relatable to life and breathing.
Birth out of enchanting emotions, observations
For corrections, reflections
sometimes she causes commotion
with 'Abegnego'
Abednego, whose lines of deceit she constantly tell 'Abeg dey go.'

Poetry na wordplay
Sex-sanity on a replay:
structured sound in harmony with words and melodious tune.
See, poetry na dagga, na sword, to some na spoon.
Na to take am eat the good of the land in education, empowerment, entertainment
and even though sometimes it tickles the mind,
Poetry na sweet - Pepper mint.

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