Published 2 months ago in Social Issues

Cry of a Black Child

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This poem talks more about racism that most black people face in European countries and the rest of the world at large and it is a fact that racism exist, so the black child is expressing his/her feelings in this piece.


Oh yes am a black by birth.
But am also a human like the rest.
So why should I be treated like a pest.
When all I wanted was love nothing else

Truth be told.
We worship the white's coz we think they are wise.
But all we get is despise push of hate and dislikes.
They taught us how to live in good ways and grow.
Yet we are nothing much like a mow when we are starting to get old.

It's not my fault that am a black skin.
I breathe the same air as human being.
Under the same sun we commit the same sin
So, stop being mean.

You know no one wants to suffer and die,
No one wants to be told a lie.
Everyone wants a chance to try.
Everyone wants that including I

But we can build a beautiful nation among us.
The one our families can live in with trust.
Doing things together and sharing love
Let's make it better and rest worst.


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