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passionate lions

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This is a poem I wrote and voiced to inspire and encourage every passionate one out there. Enjoy.


Be truthful
Be honest with all your dealings.
Be honest with yourselves.

Dear passionate lions
Do not let what the world say about you create a bridge between you and your passion.
Find the confidence in you
Trade it for over confidence if you have to
Let they be the once to call you names.
They may say you're overconfident.
But do you Care?
What the world says about you

People would point judgemental fingers at you
But guess what.
it makes you grow
Their critics will be a weapon of salvation
Dwell in their own critique
Roar with confidence like you've never roared.
Let them call you beast
Be a fauna in their sight if you have to
it will unveil the warrior in you.

Don't give up!

Nice. love it..

/ ::