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Who Poetry EPP

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War of words season9 entry


Some questions actually need more questions to use answer them
So Questions like "who poetry epp" need another question like "who poetry no epp" to use answer am
The second question na to make you realize say the answer dey with you even when you choose to ignore or pretend to quickly forget
So make i walk you down memory lane to light up your mind
I Remember the time wey my cousin been find love flowers been no fit help am express how much him been dey feel?
Poetry been stand by him, E been help am to find expression for ur every heart beat, E been give am words to define every emotion
Through metaphors and similies,
Irony for eye contact
And paradox for mixed feelings
And you
Remember who been show you the true beauty of life?
Poetry, E add value to nature with hyperbole, e show u d whole world for one place with synedoche
You see am, you feel am, inside your soul you touch am
Then e use personification to open the eyes of your mind
Now u fit see when sun dey smile and when flowers dey blush,
Then me
Na Poetry show me how to pour out my pain through my pen
Then Create castle with words so that I fit get place to run to
So to the question who poetry epp?
The answer go definitely "us

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