Who poetry epp

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Who Poetry Epp


Have you met poetry?
Excitement written all over my face
Sparkles dancing in my eyes
Oh,I cannot wait to preach the gospel of poetry
Like a cult awaiting initiates
Akin,so I named her
The solace of a sad man,
The gourd that holds my tears
The beat to my dancing fingers,
My freedom from free-doom,
Life's gift to my existence
But then!
My father always says
Who Poetry epp?
Father,I, A child birth from your semen
Rebirth by Poetry
the voice behind sealed lips
Na hin never make me craze
Allow me tell my story
Through a combination of alphabets
And an almost sane mind
Take me back to the days
Where I lay down defeated
Back broken from ill words
Thrown at them without pity
Who served as my shield
Brought me back to my feet
And instilled words into my being
From Adedoyin to Kiki ọrọDoyin! So I'm called
A child birth from a thousand words
And gun gums
But then!
My father always says
Who Poetry epp?
“So look inside yourself
Tell me, what you will be today?”
A chanter of who poetry epps
or a fellow initiate.

this is brilliant 👍

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