A Dizain- I Will Speak Of Siblings

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The Prolegetic Piece:

Title: I will speak of siblings

The world is known to have people who either have no siblings or have multiples of them.

They can be be agnate or uterian, they are many a time friends than they are foe.

Siblings are the foundation of families, the brothers are protectors, the sisters mothers. World wars happen in family but they will always defend their very own.

Hollywood and all other woods start from family, from they that impersonate their parents, to the lawyers who are take on cases of injustice.

Siblings are bound by blood, marriage and law as their laughter, giggles can sometimes tear the roof.

Some are cold as ice, others fierce as fire, some are the clowns, others are the overly hyperactive ones.

We have the gossips, the fashionistas, the cooks, the fighters and warriors.

And indeed family is place where live starts and love never ends and siblings are the colours that paint every home.

With this submission, I will further corroborate my assertions with the poem below and will indeed write more on a piece such as this.


A French Dizain:

I will speak of siblings, their bonds benign
Of wars, rebuttals and anger abound
Our tales are not always rosey as nine
We banter in rage, our voices aloud
But love exists, how true is this they cowed
Apprised I am of some stories retold
That they bound by blood can sometimes be sold
He the great matcher bound their hearts by blood
My esteemed treasures are they and are gold
When lain in wood our memories shall flood

Samuel Hope Uchechukwu

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