An Italian Sonnet- Love

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Love is an mixture of many disparate qualities which never intends to harm the other. Sometimes it could be ferocious as a wounded tigress and sometimes loving as food is to the mouth.

Love is unadulterated because if it is her distance foe-lust, then it isn't she.

Love is pure, strong, helpful but not foolish or unwise and I wouldn't say blind but it does shut her eyes for there to be room for correction.

Come what may, love is love and isn't as defined contemporarily as been an exchange of a treasure for gold. It is of course, the best quality there for even humans and spirit, she dwells there above and here on earth.
Do well to love and be love.


An Italian Sonnet:
Title: Love
Two contemporary poets, one theme.

A feeling of affection roams the air
Moving desperately without sheer ease
But that perfect feeling won't surely cease
A chance in lovers long lasting affair
Can bind hearts even after a despair
Ample attributes that whispers yet screams
Even when tough times continue to tease
Love extols joy, preserves the perfect pair
Oh love, jewel that strings them together
Strengthens inseparables for actions
Love does binds faith and courage forever
Hand in hand, they regulate their mission
Together they will make them all shiver
And yet, work for love through all dimensions

An octave and a sestet
Faith Chinenye et Samuel Hope Uchechukwu

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