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A piece about a young black girl trying to be someone other than herself as a result of society’s demands. Despite all she did, she was never enough. Along the line, she found herself and embraced her purpose.


The perfect girl they wanted somehow needed to be irregularly shaped
Anime eyes
Pinocchio's nose
Barbie's over contoured face
Kim's body
But she was nothing close to this,
Her face was calvary's road
With countless bumps obstructing a smooth flow of liquid emotions.

Eyes pale
Lips second to the titanic
Iron flat nose was all she could see before her.
As the deer pants for water
So she panted as she raced to reach their expectation
Just to wear the medal of their validation
Sat under their table to eat crumbs of their accreditation
Did all she could so as to be the perfect creation.
But instead of credits
For lotion, she got spits

Wrinkles finely carved on her forehead
By the chisel of sadness she got from the workshop of unappreciation
Upon her head sat the crown of worries
A princess without a kingdom she was.
She was the beast in search of Beauty.

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?
Definitely not you!
What a question to ask
You are black
Do not expect life to be fair
You are a dwarf
Never will you reach the stars
You are tasteless salt
You may occupy space but you do not matter

Mockery and jeering became a broken record she couldn't stop.
Her comfort was the fluffy feathers covered with cloth
The only one who always listens without saying a word.
Mama used to say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
Beauty she called her
But mama, the beast I hoard within reflects
She beheld in her hand a black mirror

Mirror mirror in my palm
Who's the darkest of them all?
Not you, you are the brightest star in the sky
Through your dark skin, light burst forth
Illuminating the world
You burn and shine brighter than the eye of heaven
Not from hades
But sure too hot for the devil to handle.
Arise, shine
You are the light to this dark world
Beauty is who you are
Engraved in your skin are the answers the world seeks
You are chosen and loved

The Universe needs you!


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