Published 6 months ago in WOW 9 Entry Poems

Keesh Rowland- Poetherapy (Who Poetry Epp)

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Entry poem for War Of Words Season 9.


Everytime someone mentions Poetry and Depression in the same sentence
My heart skips a beat
My brain goes like damn Keesh there you go again
So I go to the college of pretense and get a degree in clothing pain
The fabric doesn't fit
On some days it slips off and the world is invited to see the naked truth
A little boy at the edge of a casket wishing he could swap places with the corpse
Scratch that
A teenager at a party wondering what combination of these drinks equals poison
Scratch that
A grown man defaced by a sledgehammer of anxieties
I don't own this body
Don't own my time here
If we're all passengers in this bus
I'll like to think of my seat as borrowed
I've been sad for an eternity
Always straddling the thin line between self hate and doubt
Self love is a Penthouse I wish to own but can't afford
I get tired of saying this to the folks that choose to love me
Those who look at a shattered glass and think about how beautifully it is splayed out
Those who look through my broken soul and decide that I'm worth every gasp of air
Every bit of love
Every drop of blood
My mother proudly leads this army
The other day Talitha suggested talking to a therapist
I talk to my notebook
Cuz how do you tell people all you want is for them to listen
All you want is to be heard
Talking to people became a luxury
So I talk to my note book
Poetry understands
Never judges
She said boy
This right here is therapy and I'm your best shot at life
Do what you must but don't you dare give up on us
On days when my knees are too weak
Poetry gives me legs enough to be standard
Tells me go ahead
Boy you better laugh
Cuz the only hanging you'll do is hanging out with friends
The only overdose you'll have is an overdose of love
The only bullet you'll take is from the can in your hands
So when someone asks
Who poetry epp?
I'm quick to remind them that my life is a metaphor for tragedy and poetry?
Poetry is the comic relief.

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