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I can still hear her call my name.

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Entry for Wow 9


I can still hear her call my name
Loud and clear
No matter how hard I try not to
It's like blood stain that refuses to wash away
Like an housefly that refuses fly away
Like weed
Unwanted but keeps growing in my mind
And blossoming whenever I write poetry
Then there's poetry
My escape from the depression's tight hold
My expression of every single feeling I feel
My message of every single message I can't seem to pass across
But just like mama says
Who poetry ep?

We are in Nigeria honey
If what you love to do does not pay you
then you have to love what you'll do
And best believe what you'll do will hardly be loveable
Who cares?
Who cares if poetry brings that thrill?
Who cares if you could forever listen to the poems on poetreel
Who cares if it carries more than words can say?
Yes, it gingers you and a few others but ginger isn't a food per say
Does it feed you?

I can still hear her call my name
Who poetry ep?
Shey na Mama Ngozi wey hin pikin die last year?
Abi nah Chinedu wey lose hin job last week?
Shey na your mama wey geh you and five others to feed?
No forget say na face me I face you you still dey live
Yes, I know the things you write often make you forget reality
But it doesn't change the reality
You don't always get what you want
So just like your friends who laughed at your first ever poetry performance at high school said
Chiamaka who poetry epp?

Well, I, Chiamaka, I'm sorry I don't have an answer to that
And you probably think I've stopped but I don't think I can ever
So yes, I still write poetry
and just like before
I still hope it helps
more than we can ever imagine.

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