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The story of the fake Love

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Broken and torn, he wrote to express the thorns.


Poem: The story of the fake Love

I wanna love she said,
But you don't want to hold me,
Isn't this fake Love?

I thought you'll be there,
I came running,
But you were never there.

Your actions has voiced itself,
That you will not be there,
And truly,you were never there.

I trusted you and cared,
You took all my money and didn't care
And you want me to still care?

I was blinded not to see,
And I truly loved you from deep within,
But all you gave me was fake from within.

I wanted to make you my world, show you where I came from,
But you broke your word,
And now I feel like I need a sword.

Not to kill,
But to wield it to shun the evil ones,
Cause I'm tired of fake love.

You said we're just friends,
Then why did you stay too long to leave!
Your love forme was fake!

I felt so hurt,
I cried so hard,
But I didn't die and so I'll rise.

You tell me grown up men don't cry;
If tears were love,
At least my part wasn't fake.

I don't want to hate,
And so I'll take the lessons and learn from the mistakes,
And move on with life to find true love.

Dear Lord, help me in this life ,
As I move on to find true love,
Help me that it'll never be fake.

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