Before You Ask Me

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Do we really care about poetry? Find out what poetry does.


Let me run on words
If that would make me faster than a cheetah
Tell me I'm drunk
If my ink was wine
Let me cook imageries
A taste of poetry
Tell me I'm insane
But that won't stop my flow
Before you ask me
"Who poetry epp?"
Let me tell you of days
When we shed silent tears that no one knew
And only the pen could heal our wounds
As we bleed with ink
Pouring our hearts on blank pages
We sealed this cure in verses
And by these words, many were healed
Before you ask me
"Who poetry epp?"
Let me remind you of nights
When we sat under trees to listen to tales From our fathers, mothers, aunties and uncles, grand parents and neighbours
And we decided these words shouldn't die
But should live even after we've gone
In lines our children could connect to
Before you ask me
"Who poetry epp?"
Let me tell you of how it has
Put food on some tables
And taken some to higher tables
Man gotta hustle
Work is no trouble
When you do what you're born for
Let me live on words
If that's my way to live
You've come this far for a reason
Knowledge lasts longer than a season
Before you ask me
"Who poetry epp?"
Ask yourself
If you didn't enjoy this poem

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