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His love inexplicable yet unsung

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A Shakespeareanan sonnet with three quatrains and a couplet. Conversely, its strikingly explicit theme as well as meters are one in connectedness to pass into the message of whom our engenderer is.


His love inexplicable yet unsung
I cling to him like life is to a soul
He is eternal, I'll hold him along
For this mortal plane, cannot him dispose
Above time he lays, bound by promises
Canst he be held sway, he reneged not they
Warrior et King, one with services
All is thine saith we, he shalt now obey
Contrived naught this pain, faced yet to heaven
Suffer not my heart, yet I besought him
Howbeit nigh they sink, thu days are seven
Dilated my eyes, dotted by all the dims
I seek his embrace, his cloak torn by tears
The world is his still, salvation nought fear

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