Who Poetry Epp - Stephen Eniayewu

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Here’s my entry for War of Words Season 9.


The pay says your Name is magnet to a crowd
An attraction to a tribe always hungry for your voice
For your kind of metaphoric combinations

Your calligraphy is covenant friends with good cash
The awards are endless like Jehovah’s life span
Your punchlines live longer in their hearts than a sermon does

Poems that embody life like a compulsory baggage
Dying and resurrection resides in your pieces
You are a taste of life to everybody except yourself

Dear poet,
You rip yourself apart each time
Loosen and lock up the stitches in a casket
You took with death like it’s another poem
Play with suicidal attempts like they are reoccurring metaphors

You lay bare at the stage
Swallow all the applause
And vomit none of the pain

You peel your bones off the flesh
And speak to the mirror
You say, your cells are incarceration enough for depression
You say, your life is rebellion to the critiques
You say, your introversion is a hollow muse

But there you are, sinking into every draft
Rebirthing yourself as Judas
You betray your truest intentions each time

And someday, time will consume all the accolades
Your insecurities will grow enough guts
Stare into your eyeballs
And ask you wearing your mother’s tongue
Who poetry epp?

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