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This one’s to keep you moving no matter where the difficulty is coming from


I no fit tell you make you no worry but try be happy
Nah person be Victony with his hommie,
Try run through his story if you no know him
If poverty nah death, Lafiaji no go shout if Nepa bring light
And if everything for naija cost, happiness no get copyright
You no need ask for License before you go fit shine ya teeth
You no get no mean say make you sad enter six feet
Aboki wey dey dig grave no go tell you say land hard
Even if nah dry season e go try pa
Your death nah your family loss brother
E no mean say mortuary attendant go suffer
And even Grace no go tell you say hin dey come 6'o clock
Abi prosperity don visit dead body by luck?
Nah person wey dey alive dey hope say rain go fall
And if dry season long, e go still comot make dem ball
No be every person wey dey coca cola advert dey gingah
No be every day be Christmas for Jerusalem
And person wey no dey no go know if tomorrow get salvation
Jumat self no dey come twice a week
E dey wait 10080 minutes before e click
Life nah breakfast, everybody ghats chop am
Nah only seconds stranger dey turn friend
And you no need wait eternity for family to turn foe
Person wey know you fit no know you
Matter of life and death nah hin go show you
This one nah yaba motivation, everybody ghats view

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