A Quatern: My Parents are Indeed My Own

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Regardless of what happens betwixt my mother and father, I will always cherish them because if they hadn't consummated their love as is by his will, I most probably wouldn't be here.

And I will be bereft of siblings, food, colour and taste but they harboured me without paying a dime and nurtured me from conception till I transited into adulthood amidst all aches I must have brought all the way.

But no, they saw that apart and did see past me and truly this futher substantiates the central theme of this quatern that 'my parents are indeed my own".


A Quatern

My parents are indeed my own
Be they young or old, I care not
For they at a time in the past
Were bound by promises of love

My heart still yearns for they as them
My parents are indeed my own
They quarreled and issues were wrought
My mother, a maiden at a time

Dad, a hero I adore
A mental picture can suffice
My parents are indeed my own
And chairs can still surround us

At times, I lay in bed all day
With mental pictures of you both
You must have read of this dear friend
My parents are indeed my own

Samuel Hope Uchechukwu

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