Short Rondel- This Path Of Life

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Life is place where different words of definitions abound because to some persons, it is a living hell, a place of predominant obscurity.

To others, it is likened to paradise where all good things dwell. But then, we all share one thing in common be they on the street and those high up on the thier thrones- Breath

And truly, we are made to experience different things which are to make us stronger. However, be careful to pass your test to avoid being broken without repair and one that can help you is of course he that started- A saviour whom I will always adore.


A Short Rondel
Title: This Path of Life

This path of life is wrought with thorns
Sometimes the days are good as sworn
On other days, I feel so down
As I can wake and only frown
Sold, lied to, but they are my strife
This path of life

Childish have I been in the start
When innocence was indeed art
Bitten and my lessons were learnt
Experience are of course earned
This path of life

Samuel Hope Uchechukwu

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