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Title: Grey hair start to fall and sleeping does call

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A Spensarian sonnet with three interlocked quatrains and a couplet with its peculiar rhyming scheme, didactic theme and form.
Be they uterine or agnate, the consanguinity betwixt us remain timelessly inexplicable.


Our laughter binds them, they with hearts attuned
Smiles like a maiden bride, I will protect
Babies were we years back, the truth renewed
In anger, pain, sick, love, I will respect
Cooked and boiled in one womb, and injected
Babbled, cried, sang, shared and danced through life's cast
Towering heights are we, my hearts dissects
Blessings abound there, even in the last
We bicker et smile, hearts are indeed vast
They sleep like logs do, age creeps in at night
We shared dad's name, mum traits and loved his mast
In hunger and ice, remained knights of Christ
Passing through these ages, I'm glad of all
Grey hair start to fall and sleeping does call

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