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Words work wonders by olu_andria


When i was little , i thought words were just syllables ,
Fragments of thoughts we utter, like spoken words .
Nurturing everybit till we know it’s fit to be heard depending on our mindset and our conscience
I thought they were just alphabets and pronunciations we were being taught, but having to grow to learn they are more than that,
They are more than just puns , verbs, all the ies and es
I know it was fun then, to speak new words while growing, picking up new pieces each day like the big vocabularies we say, till it dawn on me ;
Words are more like weapons
It can break and mold persons depending on how you wish to use it
Words are mighty ;they work wonders.
Wonders in utterances giving authentication to power
How magnifying can a word be ,
Like a two edged swords piercing into the heart of many ;
Words can pierce through the heart
hitting spots bandages can’t fix ,
Speaking about fixing, mending , healing
A word ,could be as it
A shield and many more good deeds a word could do .
My journey in life
made me realize how powerful the words of the mouth could be
Scary it might look
As we are taken snares by the words we birth
But our words can also be a light
Choose your words ,
Work your wonders .

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