Words Work Wonders

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Words are free,idealistic and powerful.
It can be expressed in various forms like writing and speech
Word works wonders simply by the way we use it.


Word is a speech sound
In which its meaning can be found
Its representation is writing
In which the writings must be in correct spellings .

Yes, words can work wonders
mostly in poetry,in which feelings are used in rhythm and thrilling manners.
poetry is an imaginary world
It's like a life outside of this world
It can also be expressed in spoken words.

Poets and authors use words extensively to express their feelings through writing.
Poets have made wonders through words by using style and rhythm to express their feelings.

Also,writers become authors by using words to tell an exceptional story
In which the way they captivate their readers mind remains a misery.

Words are free,idealistic and powerful
In the sense that,words can also be expressed by speech
In which people argue with words in debates
expressing themselves with key points.

Words work wonders
Poets work wonders
Authors that publish books works wonders
Debaters who argue with words work wonders
Writing essays comes by using words to work wonders .
And above all,word works wonders simply by the way we use it creatively.


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