Sound Of Victory

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Who poetry Epp
Poetry has helped me conquer so many battles.
Poetry made me emerge victor severally on this journey called LIFE
Poetry is always there for me through thick and thin.


You ask who poetry epp?
Well here's your answer
It's final
It's bout to go viral
Cause standing before you is a winner

I hear the sound of victory
A resounding bang in my head
Make it known to all that said
I am a victor today, was yesterday and shall be one tomorrow
I was, am, and will forever be a victor so mellow
I came to win strive to conquer
Yeah I was born to prosper

Duff your hat and bow
In my presence cause you are aware
my existence is douth, I am endowed
Yess I am king! I am champion!
This ain't no bluff
Though I might look fluffy
Soft on the outside but tough on the inside
Don't you dare me
Cause my bite is worse than my bark
You wait till I sting! Ding!

I hear the sound of victory
deafening cry as the whole universe applauds in awe
Whoa..... I know you wonder
If this is an empty threat, a mere pretense
If I can keep this up, If I am not taking it too far!
Wait till I put you behind bars
Cause I shall shine as bright as the north star
Rise like a true conqueror, an emperor
I rule this world with my words

So when I tell you I hear the sound of victory
Pause and listen
Cause you are about to become history
And me the new story
Cause I just made the news
That's right! I beat the record
Pulled the strings or is it the chord?
To grab the gold medal and kiss the cup

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