Who Poetry Epp

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A poem on the present impression about Poetry and the Poet undying love for Poem and his goal which he wish to achieve.


I have been writing lines and stanzas for years
With all my affection and cares
My pen bleeds and I bleed too in tears
Tearing my heart out with none of my fears
But then, who poetry Epp?

I write my best but no one cares to read
Poetry isn't that catoon that entices kid
Adult has many things to think; what to wear and feed
So, farewell to Poetry they bid
Like what the hell! Who Poetry Epp?

Nevertheless I will keep writing
Keep biting, keep citing
With my pen I will continue chanting
Prays my book don't get scanty

Healing pains with my poems line
When read makes the broken Soul feel fine
And when it is asked who poetry epp
I will see a finger or two raised on earth.

/ ::