Let the Poor Breathe (Bills Have No Emotions) by Bard of Lagos.mp3

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Let the poor breathe.


Let the poor breathe.
Don't suffocate them.

Fair money, Carbon, Palmpay and Opay
I am not just listing the best microfinance banks,
these are banks I owe loan payment.
I hide everytime I see someone on a purple t-shirt.
Because all that comes to my mind is Hide! He is a palmpay agent!
This is all because bills have no emotions.

Bills keep piling up like office documents
It is weighing on my shoulders like Atlas Punishment
My girlfriend just sent me a text
She wants a new car and a new iPhone
(laughs) I am sure the message is not meant for me.
I pity the guy who will have to get her those things.
He will learn that bills have no emotions.

Fuel is now expensive but I have to go out to work tommorow.
My data subscription is done, MTN just sent me a message.
With no help on the horizon, like the sun rising in the morning.
I am now on sportybet watching over twenty tickets.
Even with the odds stacked against me,
Like Bet9ja they are in my favour.
This is all because bills have no emotions.

Now we have come to the end of the poem.
I know I know I know, I apologise
I know rhe verses could have been longer but I have a day job.
The bills won't pay itself, na who don chop belleful get time dey write poem.
Blame bills for having no emotions.

I love this 😍

Good one Bro

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